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Interactive Control for Home and Office

      • Personal Aromatherapy
      • Interactive Computer Experiences
      • Playback in Sync with programmed Media

…as a Chair Accessory – Freestanding or Built-in The aromaComposer shall be marketed as an accessory for relaxation and massage chair systems, enhancing the user’s experience.

      • Music
      • Guided Meditation
      • Relaxation
      • Sleep and Dreaming Tool
      • for Health and Well-being
      • Spa & Massage
      • Movies and Video…

Opportunities Abound…


Bedside Aromatherapy

Rest… Relaxation… Rejuvenation… Meditation… or Romance

As a sleep aid, it could lull you to sleep with lavender, encourage wondrous dreams with rose, mystical moments with Sandalwood and then as a natural alarm clock, it wakes you to refreshing citrus, mint, or morning blossoms. Breathing problems or snoring could be detected and assisted, too.