“Users can virtually walk through a garden, smelling each individual flower as they pass. ”

Resulting from years of research and development, the aromaComposer system makes very efficient use of pure or diluted essential oils for high-quality aromatherapy applications, multisensory therapy and entertainment purposes.

The personal aromaComposer system is completely controllable, permitting automated, yet delicate blending of essences in virtually any combination. This provides an unprecedented range of control, allowing subtle changes in scents, and nearly instantaneous response time with precise scent density, timing and mixture control.

Audio programs can accompany the aromaComposer; specially recorded and processed in three-dimensional stereo for a very realistic spatial effect. Encoded onto the audio CD-ROM or DVD disk¹ is unique aromaComposer blending and queuing information, as well as optional full-body vibration/massage controller information. (See “Multisensory Integration” .)

No other system on the market even approaches the blending capabilities or response time of this patented technology, and no current product is so simple to command. Advantages of this system over the current state of the art include:

Ability to switch scents “on the fly”, selecting from a number of different oils

Ability to blend thousands of scents from several sources and dynamically select different blends “on the fly”
Uses much less oil than traditional diffusers (essential oils are very expensive)
Leaves no residue or lingering scents, even in small spaces

Operates with pre-programmed music and/or voice CDs and DVDs (Relaxation, Healing, Creativity, Determination, etc.; See “Programmed Experiences”)

Programmable via standard computer interface for complete control of the user experience (the therapist can also record and edit programs for later use and share blends over the Internet )
System distributes trace amounts at close range to targeted user only
Able to respond to the needs of an individual as those needs change
Extremely quiet operation

These characteristics create a dramatic new experience for individuals, which when applied properly can reduce stress, alter consciousness and promote well being.

This patented diffusion system holds applications in resort spas, day spas, hotels, and in the offices of holistic practitioners including massage therapists, chiropractors, aromatherapists, and others. It is ideal as tool for complementary medicine in hospitals and in other mainstream facilities and it will find itself into the homes of LOHAS consumers. Great opportunities also exist in entertainment venues, including theaters, simulators, virtual reality systems, theme park rides and in computer gaming arcades. The aromaComposer takes automated scent diffusion generations beyond Smell-O-Vision.


1) A computer with a proper interface will permit users to interactively create their own programs, and would be a substitute for the prerecorded program discs. This is planned for development in the near future.

2) This term (LOHAS) applies to consumers who choose a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability, a well-identified, multi-billion dollar marketplace of holistic consumers

3) The aromaComposer is a new technology along with a method of using that technology, and is not yet a commercial product. Only two prototypes exist in the world; both based upon current patent applications and numerous trade secrets.

4) A more comprehensive overview of the aromaComposer technology is available upon request.