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Partnering Opportunity – PILOT Program will Prove Concept and Produce Revenue

The subject of scent has been bandied about on the popular media recently, begging the question of “What does MSS have that’s different or better than what’s already out there?”

MultiSensory Systems’ products are unique because they provide an entire experience for users, with original sound, custom-blended essential oils delivered through a patented device rather than spraying chemical air freshener, and vibration — a patented system that as been tested and proven to deliver therapeutic results. The MSS system has proof of concept for its systems, which have been shown to reduce stress, mentally and physically relax, inspire creativity, and even make a positive impact on autistic users and people with Altzheimer’s.

With the recent completion of its first Portable System, including its most advanced multisensory controller and 4th Generation Mini AromaComposer, MultiSensory Systems is poised to penetrate several major markets. The company is currently seeking strategic partners and capital to manufacture multiple systems and market this technology.

Plans are in place to introduce this proprietary technology to the general public for the first time through a revenue-generating Pilot program. One particularly attractive market, Spas and Resorts, is the primary launch platform. Whatever statistics are projected for Virtual Reality are equivalent to the potential for MSS. Other promising markets include the Corporate Workplace, and Special Needs and Therapeutic applications, not to mention the prospect of franchising independent MSS “stations” or kiosks.

For Spas & Resorts, an innovative revenue-split program is expected to generate high profit margins and a high rate of return for our partners, and enable MultiSensory Systems to expand at an exponential rate, bringing needed relaxation and other therapies to a worldwide public. Their established customer base will benefit greatly from the multisensory experience. They also have existing facilities that will easily accommodate the Multisensory Stimulation SystemTM (MSS) with minimal regulatory or added expense barriers.

Prime locations for MSS include large destination spa resorts, day spas, as well as large massage chains. Luxury liners, as floating resorts, are also an ideal venue, with a captive clientele looking for stress reduction, relaxation, or entertainment. Airport VIP lounges, or massage kiosks, can also showcase MSS systems within private pod-type enclosures.

For more information… Please Contact Ava Stern, MSS I-CEO.

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