Experts Comment

Experts from diverse  fields share their opinions and thoughts after experiencing a multisensory “Journey” via the MSS stimulation system, with its featured AromaComposer technology. Many speculate the potential of the systems to benefit humanity.

Included within are comments from some of those Experts, including authors Jeremy Rifkin and  Peggy La Cerra, Ph.D., Aroma experts Robert Tisserand and Mark Peltier, and others:

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Experts Comment

Jeremy Rifkin
Author of 17 bestselling books Mr. Rifkin is the founder and president of The Foundation on Economic Trends ( in Bethesda, MD. The Foundation examines the economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts of new technologies introduced into the global economy.

“This has specific advantages of a controlled situation that you cannot do in nature. Because everything is controlled digitally, it’s quantifiable: you can see results in specific disorders. It’s also great for patients in a hospital who are denied all the life affirming smells that integrate human nature.“

“The Multisensory Stimulation System provides an opportunity for people to reintegrate their senses and could play an important role as a new kind of learning tool one designed to give the human brain a heightened sense of context. So much of contemporary learning relies almost exclusively on visual imagery and auditory signals that we risk a deep loss of the more intimate senses of taste, touch, and most importantly smell. While the visual sense is the most detached and objective of the senses, and the one most identified with aggression and expropriation, the much neglected intimate senses are far more important in establishing a sense of embeddedness between people and the larger communities and environments in which they live.”

“In an era characterized by increasing globalization, complexity, and vulnerability, it is imperative to create new tools that help the individual develop a holistic mental framework. The Multisensory Stimulation System is a breakthrough technology that if used as a learning tool _ and not simply as an entertainment medium _ would help prepare us to more fully use the full range of senses and become more integrated with the life that surrounds.”

Mikki Willis
Filmmaker, Media and Event Producer; founder and CEO of ELEVATE
ELEVATE is a media and technology company committed to socially and environmentally conscious content.

“This is an extraordinary step in a futuristic direction.”

“I drifted off (in memory) to all of the films that transport people to other dimensions… but to be involved in the experience and actually go on the journey is what this technology is providing. That was quite an amazing experience to leave this dimension and experience all these incredible sounds, senses, its very effective very impressive.”

“I can feel the senses of my body open and stimulated and a great sense of alertness matched with a great sense of grounding and peace at the same time.”

“What I recognize is the importance of having an experience like this that rejuvenates our body. I can actually feel my circulation has increased. I feel my breathing capacity has expanded. I can feel that my general vibration and vitality has been elevated. It’s very clear this is a very necessary thing for all of us setting at jobs in front of computers for hours on end.”

May 2,2013 @ the Well, Ojai, CA

Peggy La Cerra, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Evolutionary Neuroscience and Author, “The Origin of Minds”.

“This system is a fantastic voyage machine. It creates multi-dimensional mind-body experiences by transmitting auditory, tactile and olfactory stimuli in well-orchestrated, inventive programs, each one designed to transport the passenger to another beautiful world or dimension. This remarkable system has the capacity to enhance an individual’s sense of well-being and effect positive change”.

Dan Mapes
CEO at Cyberlab 9; Seattle, WA

“I particularly liked the system’s ability to be fully interactive, which is a major breakthrough since it allows each individual to have a completely unique experience each time, one that draws you back for another and has a profound effect on you.”

“Given the stressful times we live in, the greatest immediate sales potential lies in supplying spas, resorts and alternative healthcare providers with a new tool that can support their efforts to relax and enhance the immune systems of their clients.”

Robert Tisserand
Aromatherapy Author and Consultant

“Regarding AromaComposer technology: “Very impressive. …There is nothing like this technology that I have seen in my world travels with this level of sophistication.”

“The Quality of the sound and vibration is right up there .Your technology will bring it (the aromatic experience) up to the level of the other senses.”

“When you say the cost of the oils isn’t a big factor that is huge, because there are some particular pricey oils that would work incredibly well.”

Mark Peltier
Co-founder of AromaSys, Inc; Developed and popularized technology in 1991 for putting high quality aromas into ventilation systems of large enviroments including some of the world’s most renoun hotels, resorts and casinos.

“Very simply it works… it works extremely well . All the components readily exist to employ digital signals to manipulate sound, sight and now scent to create incredibly complex or simple aroma compositions delivered to the individual in a manner which are completely and totally synchronized with imagery and sound.”

“The AromaComposer is capable of delivering a very complex aroma blend and a very specific aroma for the subtle manipulation of the blend very quickly. The intensity was absolutely perfect and can be adjusted depending upon the application or user preference.”

“I feel the present design represents an opportunity to create extraordinary interesting aromas that could be very affective for delight , entertainment or therapeutic applications.”

Lynn Crandall
Director, USC IGM Art Gallery
Keck School of Medicine University of Southern California

“I see it as a where we were, where we are, where we’re going model. This project can serve to prevent and heal physical and social disease related to fear, anxiety, stress, loneliness, alienation. It has the potential to provide even deeper understanding of mind/body/spirit functionality as neurological studies provide more tools for empirical measurements. The more of us who process this experience, the more our conversations will open our minds to our common experiences and our individual differences. It provides hope that we could cross some barriers and become more mindful stewards of self, others and the planet.”

Robert Horsting
Oral historian/Filmmaker
Following his experiencing the portable Journeyer system at the USC public forum for Alzheimer’s and dementia Robert Horsting wrote:

The final presentation of the day moved the forum into the realm of the future, as Douglas Nelson and Zubin Levy, Co-Founders of MultiSensory Systems, presented the genesis of their forward-thinking therapeutic device. The patented interactive, immersive system, which resembles a highly stylized reclining chair, integrates three-dimensional sound, aroma and full body vibration to help maintain psychological well-being and minimize stress. To enhance the versatility of the therapeutic applications, they also designed an optional visual imagery element. The audio tracks ranged from the relaxing sound of a downpour in a rain forest to the exhilarating force of a rocket blasting off into space, then melding into the ethereal sounds of Tuvan throat singing. The complexity of this journey of the senses was heightened by the combination of aromas, delivered in such a fine beam of essential oil vapors, which so closely simulated the freshness of a rainfall, that the only element missing from the fantasy was wet clothes. The demonstration was a hit for the two people invited to experience this journey firsthand.

“E” ticket ride to the Magic Kingdom

“This really achieves all of the promise of peace and tranquility that many travelers of the 60’s and 70’s strove to achieve, but without the need of chemicals. The combination of sensory stimuli has an amazing transporting affect that is only limited by the imagination. The MultiSensory System seems to have boundless therapeutic applications. By adding the visual element, I could see this used to help people overcome phobias, such as fear of heights or agoraphobia.