Multisensory Systems™ Inc., (“MSS”)

MSS has created a multisensory experience by combining several sophisticated mind-body technologies into a single system that integrates three-dimensional sound, custom-blended essential oils, and full body vibration, with the option to add visual imagery. Using MSS patented technology and methodology, this proprietary system provides a multisensory, therapeutic-quality “InnerTainment” experience that can reduce stress, induce a heightened sense of wellbeing, or inspire creativity, depending on the program applied.

The element of scent — otherwise unavailable in any virtual reality programming — is produced by the MSS device known as the AromaComposer™ . Smell has a more direct route to the brain than any other sense. Our sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 times more acute than our other senses. Olfactory receptor cells are nerve cells that communicate directly with the brain. Odors are processed directly from the olfactory through the limbic system, a primitive part of the brain where “the pleasure center” is located, the stimulation of which relates to primal behavior and the reinforcement of learning.

The AromaComposer has the unique ability to select from and combine numerous pure essential oils into instantly customized blends that synergize with the other sensory experience elements. As a result, a new aromatic adventure can be directed to the user in a matter of seconds, influencing the user’s mood, relaxation, rejuvenation or healing process.

The AromaComposer has the capacity to touch people in profound ways, and has numerous market applications, from large-scale commercial theaters to health spas and resorts, from corporate workplace environments to persons with special needs such as autism or Alzheimer’s.

Prototypes have been undergoing intensive testing and evaluation, resulting in highly refined system designs and effective approaches to software production.

MSS was born from a passion to create immersive and transformative experiences. The company has been developing the systems and testing the prototypes for more than 10 years, but only now is the computing technology available to make it cost-effective to produce. Patents have been in effect since 2002.

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