Portable Multisensory System Created

Portable Multisensory System Hits the Road

With the recent completion of our first Portable Chair System, MultiSensory Systems is poised to take a quantum leap forward. This system allows for easy transport and assembly, making it possible to both BETA test and demonstrate the system at multiple locations. The chair and ottoman feature multichannel vibroacoustics. The side base houses vibration amplifiers, power supply, and the system controller. AromaComposer sits on top.

Portable Multisensory Delivery System

Portable Multisensory System with AromaComposer mini

This system integrates time-coordinated olfactory experience with other senses, including strategically placed multi-channel tactile vibroacoustic devices and incredible three-dimensional sound. Optional controlled motion and visuals are also available.

MultiSensory Systems’ patented AromaComposer™ is the essential ingredient; adding tremendous power to every experience. It is capable of blending thousands of different scents in real time from a handful of high-end, 100% natural essential oils. Scent formulations and multisensory programs can be prerecorded, stored, and played back on many media devices, or shared remotely over the internet.

Plans are in place to introduce this extraordinary technology to the public for the first time through a revenue-generating pilot program.

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