Journeyer™ – Symphony of the Senses

Symphony of the Senses


MSS has created a multisensory experience by combining several sophisticated mind-body technologies into a single system that integrates three-dimensional sound, custom-blended essential oils, and full body vibration, with the option to add visual imagery. Using MSS patented technology and methodology, this proprietary system provides a multisensory, therapeutic-quality “InnerTainment” experience that can reduce stress, induce a heightened sense of wellbeing, or inspire creativity, depending on the program applied.

The multisensory delivery system combines 3-D sound, scent, vibration and gentle motion to calm and inspire a person in minutes. This proprietary technology has been proven to dramatically reduce stress, which, as medical research has demonstrated, is at the root of many human diseases.

The synergistic combination of scent and sound and tactile sensation produces a result quite unlike the separate sensations by themselves.

“What is synergy? Simply defined it means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It means that the relationship which the parts have to each other is a part in and of itself. It is not only a part, but the most catalytic, the most empowering, the most unifying, and the most exciting part.” Quote by Stephen R. Covey

Brief descriptions of the MSS Journeyer System and its integrated sensory displays follow.

Systems Elements

1) Engine

The engine comprises of all associated Computer, Audio-Video and Biofeedback devices that connect, via cable or remote, to the main Delivery System. This includes the software that allows it to operate as a whole system regardless of what “Show-Software” is running.

The engine has the ability to upload new programs and revise existing programs upon command. It can also track and record usage of each program to insure accurate reporting for accounting purposes.

2) Delivery System

The Delivery System is the complete freestanding multisensory projection device that people see and interact with… the “Journeyer Vehicle”. It is comprised of integrated hardware components and support mechanisms, including the AromaComposer, 3-D Sound System, Multichannel Vibro-acoustics, with optional motion base and/or visual display systems including Virtual Reality headsets.

3) Show Software

These are the Programs and the associated media files that are played by or generated by the Engine. This may include specialized computer software, video and audio clips, and control queues that vary with each use and need.

Integrated Sensory Displays

Olfactory provided by AromaComposer

The aromaComposer takes the tools of traditional aromatherapy into programmable multisensory environments. The personal AromaComposer is completely controllable, permitting automated, yet delicate blending of pure essential oils into a variety of custom blends or “synergies”; a choice of thousands being possible. When in use, this next- generation system emits a gentle stream of scent to the user. As the user’s needs change, this scent can change or evolve into a completely new one within a matter of seconds.

There is now a way of presenting aromatic essences in a new context. A progression of inhaled aromatics guide users though a process, each scent with its own distinct purpose in that process, and each step preparing them for the next in that process. This works very well when integrated into a multisensory experience.

Smell has a more direct route to the brain than any other sense.

3-D Sound

Guests experience a three-dimensional natural sound environment. Spatial positioning of all sound sources, either close or distant, resting or in motion, are extremely realistic.

Example: An angel whispers in one ear, the wind in the other, while a shaman chants in the background. Surrounding us are tribal drummers. Overhead, the flap of an Eagle passes from front to rear, and underneath us is the chatter of the forest floor, seemingly heard from our perch in the treetops.

Those who experience the deep pleasure and power of this kind of acoustical environment are truly amazed.

Tactile Sensation & Spatial Awareness

The first prototype’s lounge was originally developed for NASA, to simulate weightless conditions for astronauts. MSS modified this design for our own purposes, providing both tactile sensation and now motion.

While floating within the chair, the guest’s body feels waves of sonic vibration . . . controlled, precise, and deliberate. The Journeyer vehicles massage the body to music, corresponding to predetermined show needs, or more interestingly, rock or reposition the user within aerial space.

More about the Journeyer System can be found here:

Wave a magic wand and find your world transformed. A simple hand gesture, a quiet murmur, your breath or your own brainwaves can transform your sensory environment in real-time. The Multisensory Stimulation System’s patent designates the use of both prerecorded media programs and/or bio-interactive control of the delivered sensory experience.
Biofeedback and Control

With the completion of the first MSS Portable Chair System, MultiSensory Systems is poised to take a quantum leap forward. This system allows for easy transport and assembly, making it possible to both BETA test and demonstrate the system at multiple locations.Portable System Developed

MultiSensory Systems, Inc. is now previewing the next generation of its Journeyer series of Sensory Vehicles. Based on previous prototypes and results of Beta tests and R&D, this most advanced generation includes such specialized features as shown above. Plans are underway to implement this System at various sites.
Journeyer 2-G: Next-Generation MSS Preview

Of course, the neuroheadset proves the multisensory system, with appropriate programming, is capable of putting an individual into an incredibly deep state for a considerable length of time. The Emotiv Neuroheadset will become a very useful tool for developing multisensory programs, and in the near future… as our patent describes, could be used to control or help move a person through personal multisensory worlds.
Neuroheadset Proves System Works

Product Types

  • Portable or Installed
  • Freestanding or Pod Enclosure
  • Motion and Non-Motion
  • Models with – G or Glass Label
  • Models with VR designation – More upright seating and controls interfaces


  • MSS 1 – With Visuals- Prototype
  • Journeyer 1 MSS – Flow chair
  • Journeyer Portable model
  • MSS Journeyer 2 Spa Edition
  • MSS Journeyer 2 POD Edition (future)
  • MSS Journeyer2-VR Edition at VR-cades & Centers
  • MSS Journeyer2-VR POD Edition (future)
  • MSS-Portable Cart – Future
  • Journeyer 2 MSE – With Mobile Container/Trailer