The Multisensory Stimulation System – Biofeedback and Control

From Prerecorded Experiences… to Personalized Biofeedback Control

In the simplest mode, our system can present any number of prerecorded multisensory experiences which can be stored locally on a computer, played from a media disk, or streamed live via the internet. As an enhancement, utilizing our advanced biofeedback technology with sophisticated show controllers and media synthesizers, the Multisensory Stimulation system becomes totally interactive, allowing the user’s sub-conscious mind to help drive and customize the experience. In this way each user has a completely unique personal encounter.

Wave a magic wand and find your world transformed. A simple hand gesture, a quiet murmur, your breath or your own brainwaves can transform your sensory environment in real-time.

Control using Conscious and Subconscious Systems

Biofeedback System Loop

The Multisensory Stimulation System’s patent designates the use of both prerecorded media programs and/or bio-interactive control of the delivered sensory experience.

In the full-featured scenario, our system can be calibrated for each individual and takes its cues from their physical, intellectual, and emotional states. This interactive system includes the use of biofeedback sensors, and voice recognition systems, as well as various other input devices, that are both subconsciously and consciously manipulated.

Here, the participant transmits information to the system, which reflects the subject’s current state of being as well as the subject’s preferences and choices. Subconsciously this occurs through the application of the biofeedback devices, and consciously through use of other controller interface devices. Our proprietary system interprets all of this input information and then outputs various sensory media and media queues to the Stimulation System.

The user’s experience can be generated completely real-time or played back from selected data within libraries, either locally or remote.

Naturally, the subject is affected by the just received stimulus and physiologically responds to it. This response is communicated to the controller again, which refines or changes the experience. This loop is repeated endlessly.

Key here is an “intelligent agent” which assists in creating “Profiles” of each user, adapting each experience to their personal needs; it learns how each person responds to each sensory queue or stimulus. When a user comes back, it continues their new multisensory experience, based upon that constantly developing personal profile.

In this way our system is capable of providing a different experience to each individual, tailored specifically for that individual, with the intent of maximizing the effectiveness of its goal-oriented programming.

Biofeedback Reflects the Subconscious Mind and Physical Body

Bio-sensors and related monitoring systems gather the raw data. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • EEG/Brainwave Monitoring
  • Heart Rate
  • Breath
  • Body Temperature
  • Galvanic Skin Response
  • Voice Analysis
  • Eyes; Movement and Dilation
  • Facial Expression Analysis
  • Gesture Controllers
  • Radionics

Devices that Communicate Conscious Choices

Through deliberate manipulation of various control interface devices and related systems, a user may make choices or help guide an experience. These Conscious control devices may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Voice through Microphones and Appropriate Preamp
  • Voice Commands
  • Singing
  • Hand Manipulation
  • Gel Pad(s)
  • Joystick(s) Trackball(s), Mouse (mice), etc.
  • MIDI Controllers, including keyboards, drum pads, breath and infrared devices
  • Motion Trackers, including infrared types
  • Data-glove
  • Eye Tracking, motion and dilation
  • Biofeedback Devices (Adept users may use these for conscious control too.)

Tools For Exploration

We now have the technology to allow experts in the fields of consciousness, healing arts, complimentary medicine, meditation, entertainment and other modalities to collaborate with us on the development of new programs with this in mind.


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