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Journeying Slideshow

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MSS “Journeys” provide a personalized experience that is immersive; i.e., they fully immerse a user in a multisensory environment. By immersing our senses in an integrative sensory environment, we can free the mind from thinking, and place ourselves in a fully open and receptive state that results in deep relaxation and sense of wellbeing.

Each Journey is different — Programs will be created by experts in such areas as bodywork and massage, psychotherapy, aromatherapy, sound healing, audio engineering and recording, music production, and of course computer programming. For the first time we are capable of exposing a user to a vast variety of scents within a few seconds of each other. This means that you can virtually walk through a garden, smelling each individual flower as you pass. We now have a way of presenting aromatic essences in a new context. A progression of inhaled aromatics guide people though a process, each scent with its own distinct purpose in that process, and each step preparing them for the next in that process. This works very well when integrated into a multisensory experience. Diverse Programs for Different Experiences Multisensory programs can be designed to operate with any degree of personalization and/or interactivity desired. Possible modes range from simple pre-recorded programs to fully computerized biofeedback-controlled events for use with or without the assistance of a trained therapist.

Innovative software programs will address various human needs.

Three broad experience categories are:

  • Relaxation and Stress-relief, Health & Therapy (Tune-Up)
  • Inspiration, Personal Growth, & Creativity (Mind Expanding)
  • Entertainment and Amusement (Innertainment)

Within these categories, a vast choice of experiences can be created. Relax at your favorite Spa in “DreamSpace”. Nurture your spiritual side, quietly balancing your soul between two dimensions, in “Journey”, or participate in “Tribal” as the central focus of an ancient healing ceremony.