Users Respond

Users from all walks of life share their opinions and thoughts after experiencing a multisensory “Journey” via the MSS stimulation system, with its featured AromaComposer technology.


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Users Respond

Shiranda Zee

“The beauty of this system is the ability to individualize it to the person experiencing it, depending on what aroma, sound, vibration they need for enhancing their relaxation or inspiration.”

“There is a tremendous ability to use all of the technology here and gear it towards a particular person.”

“To rebalance their energy system, an individual can have an infinite array of programs.”

Elise Wygant
Interior Designer and Spa Goer

“I’m your perfect Spa Goer… I love to pamper myself. Your multisensory experience was much deeper and more relaxing then any massage treatment I’ve ever received.”

“The rapidness of relaxation is pretty incredible, like after an hour massage (in) such a short amount of time. It was even a deeper relaxation than that because a massage physically relaxes your mind but this is at a higher level.”

“I loved that innate level of relaxation with the heart beat, like you were being in the womb– it got me back to my core. Very primal.”

David Sadka

“It just puts me into another realm that I’m familiar with:  The magnificence who we really are.”

Laurie Todt

“I definitely felt I went very deep and transcended an ordinary state of mind.”

 Frank Malle

“I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time”

Marlene Malle

“It’s expanding…I love the nature sounds and I like that there was no visual.  I could create the picture in my mind… I was actually there. … what that means is that your using your brain differently if not visually seeing, but imagining, not using that part of your brain so your having to rely on other parts”

Brandon Roth
Multimedia Journalist at CNC, NewYork

Very powerful, very relaxing. Really slows your brain waves down.”

“I felt like I was in a dreamlike state. And after, I feel a restorative power like after a deep sleep.”

“Therapeutic potential not just for special needs but for everybody that needs to de-stress.”

George Todt

“It was extraordinarily effective.”

“I can see having a chair like this with audio its something I would want to do everyday at my home.”

Jonathan Wygant
President and Founder of BigSpeak, Inc.

“Amazing piece of technology here. It definitely had me go down deep inside myself. This is great… peaceful…. like a meditation.” It’s a powerful tool.