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AromaComposer – A Brief History

Inspiration In the early 1960’s, … my father took my brothers and myself to the Santa Monica Pier, where I experienced an expensive experimental arcade game machine called “Sensorama”, now acknowledged as one of the first virtual reality systems. I experienced true multisensory… a 3-D film, stereo sound, vibration, wind and different aromas in...

The Sensorium "Stink-o-Vision" Theater

The Sensorium "Stink-o-Vision" Theater

Application of scent in a theater can be tricky, but can be done well, with careful programming, a high technology scent system, and appropriate essences. Below is a true story of a failed but typical theater where scent was diffused. Sensorium (Stink-o-vision) Theater, Baltimore Maryland, 1984 I was once involved in theme park project...