3-D/Surround Audio Recordings

3-D/Surround Audio Recordings

This  audio recording should be listened to with stereo headphones to achieve their amazing “You are There” dimensional effects. Sample is below.
Skate Sounds – 3-D Audio Sample Clip

Download the following sound experiences in MP3 format


This 3 minute binaural recording is about three megs in size. Download time should be about 10 minutes on a 56k modem… nearly instant with a high speed connection.  Be sure to listen with headphones!

This is a very realistic binaural audio rendering of the Santa Barbara Skateboard Park, “Skater’s Point”, on the beach in California. This was recorded late morning/early afternoon in the fall of 2001. As we were recording the skateboards in surround, a street preacher, dressed in a white robe, appeared and began to do his thing for the Skaters at hand.

© 2001 by R. D. Nelson & S. Nichols. All rights reserved.

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