Conclusion: “I think it’s very positive… a system that will help you to get there faster and more efficiently. Whenever you want to “zone out”, you just get into the chair, plug yourself “In” and you’re “Out”… and in that meditative state.” Tan Le, President and co-founder Emotiv

Ojai, CA- MultiSensory Systems of Ojai, California, an integrator of multisensory systems, was one of six advanced technology companies selected by Google to exhibit at their recent Scottsdale, Arizona Zeitgeist ‘10 Conference. This year’s theme… “MindShift: How shifts in thinking have rippled through all aspects of the world.”

Multisensory Systems demonstrated their patented sensory chair prototype that combines 3-D sound, scent and vibration to calm or inspire a person in a very short time. The company has developed its proprietary technology over the past 14 years, under the direction of Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Doug Nelson. According to Nelson, “We are very excited about the potential of our system to dramatically reduce stress which, in our current economic and political environment, is an important missing link. Many companies have developed elements of our system as stand-alone technologies but, so far as we know, none has developed a sophisticated system that integrates these elements digitally, and as elegantly as we have.”

During the conference, Doug and Multisensory Systems Co-Founder Zubin Levy and met fellow exhibitor & conference speaker Tan Le, the president and co-founder of Emotiv and her associate Dr Geoffrey Mackellar, CTO, leaders in neurofeedback devices. Their state-of-the-art Neuroheadset converts brain activity into visual displays, easily interpreted by healing professionals or computer software programs.

Doug created the multisensory devices and was aware that Emotiv’s Neuroheadset could be a direct fit. On Day 2 of the event, Tan Le was prepared to give it a try.

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Zubin describes an event that took place on the last day of the conference. “Tan Le asked her biz partner and CTO to put on his Neuroheadset and recline into our sensory chair and sample our system and demonstration program. At the start of the program, Emotiv’s display translated his brain’s activity into red and orange colors, revealing high stress levels and an overactive brain. In minutes, colors had turned to blue, indicating a deep meditative state.

According to Tan “When Geoff was in the chair and I was observing his brain state, he was able to quickly move into a very, very relaxed state, confirmed by the kind of activity we were seeing in his brain. We were seeing a high amount of Delta and Theta activity, some bursts of Alpha activity as he was just moving into a relaxed state, which is very consistent with what you would be able to achieve if you were meditating. Occasionally we will see bursts of imagination… or creativity… or daydreaming… absolutely no activity in Beta. It was very interesting for us to observe the changes that were going on.”

“It means that it’s working… your system is working to put him into a state of relaxation”

Here’s some info from Emotiv describing their Headset, graphic software and meaning of brain frequency states:

“Based on the latest developments in neuro-technology, Emotiv has developed a revolutionary new personal interface for human computer interaction. The Emotiv EPOC is a high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless Neuroheadset. It uses a set of sensors to tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect user thoughts, feelings and expressions and connects wirelessly to most PCs.”

Emotiv EPOC Brain Activity Map

This application displays a real-time map of your mental activity in four significant brainwave frequency bands (Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta).

Delta (0.5-4Hz) – indicating deep sleep, restfulness, and conversely excitement or agitation when delta waves are suppressed

Theta (4-8Hz) – indicating deep meditative states, daydreaming and automatic tasks

Alpha (8-15Hz) – indicating relaxed alertness, restful and meditative states

Beta (15-30Hz) – indicating wakefulness, alertness, mental engagement and conscious processing of information.

Of course, the neuroheadset proves that our multisensory system, with appropriate programming, is capable of putting an individual into an incredibly deep state for a considerable length of time. The Emotiv Neuroheadset will become a very useful tool for developing multisensory programs, and in the near future… as our patent describes, could be used to control or help move a person through personal multisensory worlds.

“It’s not just the visual display that is important…” Doug said ” but rather the simplified EEG Neuroheadset which with appropriate software can analyze individuals and provide information to our controllers; creating personalized multisensory journeys. This is part of our of our original patent.”

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Zeitgeist 2010 – Post Show Notes!

Just back, regrouping and re-assembling our multisensory systems in our Ojai studio following US Google Zeitgeist ’10 exhibition this week in Scottsdale, AZ.  The event took place on September 12-14, 2010 at the Montelucia Spa and Resort. This is  a twice-a-year event for Google; one conference in the USA and another in the European Union.

Significance of being selected

As only one of six companies in the world invited by Google to demonstrate “MindShifting” technologies at this year’s US Zeitgeist conference, we were thrilled to hook-up with Emotiv (another selected presenter) whose Neuroheadset technology proved the effectiveness of our multisensory experience at the event.

With eyes closed, guests had the opportunity to journey… relaxed within our multisensory chair, complete with scents from nature (digitally blended), calming sounds (3-D of course), and vibroacoustic massage (to music), designed to put one quickly into Alpha, Theta, and Delta states…  for positive change.

Mindshift Zone:  The Exhibit Space

The exhibit space was in the foyer just outside of the  main conference ballroom at the Montelucia Spa and Resort.

From Zeitgeist Overview:

“Mindshifting activities stretch beyond the main session room into the foyer. Here you will find exciting new technologies including augmented reality and new ways to “train your brain…”

Despite loud noise of crowds and video of conference goings on, our closed headphone system was still able to bring a few moments of tranquility to guests within this vibrant space.

Backdrops for all exhibits were illustrated on-site by the clever and very talented artist Peter Durand, co-founder of Alphachimp Studio Inc.  Peter’s work from the Google event can be viewed here:   Visions of the Future from Google Zeitgeist 2010

Our Exhibit

The Multisensory chair with pre-programmed aromaComposer diffusion and blending system was transported and assembled in Scottsdale for the conference. In this case, scent was provided by our tried-and-true second- generation aromaComposer system.

This system integrates time coordinated “olfactory experience” with other senses including strategically placed multi-channel tactile vibroacoustic devices and incredible three-dimensional sound.

Present, for display only, was our third-generation aromaComposer scent device (capable of projecting a narrow scent beam a distance of 8-12 feet)

Not present, our forth-generation miniature aromaComposer prototype, currently being fabricated at our Ojai, California studio, and our SMART sensor controlled scent-beaming device.

The aromaComposer is capable of blending thousand of different scents in real-time from a handful of essential oils, using a computer interface… with or without biofeedback controllers.  Scent formulations and multisensory programs can be prerecorded, stored and played back on many media devices,  or shared remotely over the internet.

Zeitgeist '10 US Logo

Google’s Zeitgeist Conference

US Zeitgeist ’10: Paradise Valley, AZ

September 12-14, 2010

This Year’s Theme: Mindshift

Quotes from Zeitgeist ‘10 Program Guide

“At Zeitgeist 2010, we have assembled an extraordinary group of individuals, including the best minds and greatest leaders from a range of arenas. Bringing together such an unsurpassed group is more important now than ever. Due to the dramatic changes our world has recently experienced, a shift in our collective mindset is required to spark new thinking about our global village. This need for fresh perspectives led directly to our theme for Zeitgeist ’10: “Mindshift.”

By Nikesh Arora and Dennis Woodside

Quote from Zeitgeist Introduction:

“This year we will take a look at how shifts in thinking have rippled through all aspects of the world.”

Videos of the many speakers at the event can be found here:

Zeitgeist – Great Minds of Our Time

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